Federal Productions is a team of almost one whole person working to bring stunningly unimpressive media and programming works to the general Internet public.

Founded in 1988 as MutantWare, Ink. – Federal Productions now boasts 2 entire computers to help in the production of trailing edge software and graphics!

More seriously, this is where I show off my stuff.

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Star Trek: Phase II

Well, if it hasn’t been made apparent yet, I am a Star Trek fan. Haven’t worn the uniform since I […]

FTG Tobblerone Challenge Videos

FTG has many contests and competitions and this year I got my courage up and decided to enter one. The “Toblerone […]

Hello World!

With an arrival time of 10:49pm EST, I present my 1st Grandson, Drew.

Machines making Modern Music

While Japan produces the first TRULY synthetic pop star, I noodle on my PC and create this assault for the ears… […]

EU bans old-fashioned light bulbs

It’s about damn time. Imagine what energy demands would be in the US if such a ban were put into […]