Look what a little KaMu brought me!

A couple of posts ago I tried to help out a friend by doing a little advertising of a short sale she was running on character sketches – so now that I have mine I thought I’d share what I got. If you were on the fence before, this ought to get your splinter loaded butt moving! 😀

As some may know I have dabbled in the dark arts of Fan Fiction and in doing so I have created a few characters. However, the Art is not strong in this one, so I was never happy with anything I drew myself.

Enter A.H. Greenwood and her mad skillz –

She took this:

And this:

And combined/refined them into this:

…and you missed it…. tsk tsk. Seriously this is Grade A win with a side of sauteed fabulous.

So, next time it comes up shoot her your idea or photo for that mater or just contact her with whatever project you might be kicking around right now. A.H.Greenwood’s Website HERE and her dA account <-NOW…. no RIGHT NOW…

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    I’m highly impressed with her skills. Which is why I’m so excited to be working on a collaboration with her doing the art, and me the writing 🙂

      • on August 22, 2009 at 1:33 pm


      Ohmygosh a VISITOR!!! Quick everyone SWITCH PLACES!! ^_^

      But seriously… I heard about this. I looking forward to seeing the results.

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