Flight Details - Flight Id: BA2

Company Call Sign Speed Bird
Flight Id BA2
Flight Date 2008-08-07
AircraftFSX British Airways Concorde
OriginKJFK - John F Kennedy Intl - Usa
DestinationEGLL - Heathrow - United Kingdom
Departure09:03:00 (13:04:00 ZULU)
Arrival16:43:00 (15:43:00 ZULU)
Take-Off Weight406089 lbs
Landing Weight267074 lbs
Take-Off fuel30999 lbs
Landing Fuel10236 lbs
Total Fuel Used20763 lbs
Block Time03:39:34
Airborn Time03:28:27
Time On Ground00:14:08
Speed1205 kts
Mach Speed1.53
Landing Speed125 kts
Landing Pitch11.59°
Touch Down V/S-130 fpm
Passengers Rating0%
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