Flight Details - Flight Id: FJ411

Company Call Sign FTG
Flight Id FJ411
Flight Date 2009-02-09
AircraftSMS B737-800 Air Pacific
OriginNFFN - Nadi Intl - Fiji
DestinationNZAA - Auckland Intl - New Zealand
Departure08:47:00 (20:47:00 ZULU)
Arrival11:40:00 (23:40:00 ZULU)
Take-Off Weight172921 lbs
Landing Weight153115 lbs
Take-Off fuel2956 lbs
Landing Fuel0 lbs
Total Fuel Used2956 lbs
Block Time02:56:50
Airborn Time02:41:00
Time On Ground00:17:37
Speed497 kts
Mach Speed0.78
Landing Speed127 kts
Landing Pitch5.85°
Touch Down V/S-543.85 fpm
Passengers Rating100%
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