Flight Details - Flight Id: MH201

Company Call Sign FTG
Flight Id MH201
Flight Date 2009-05-21
AircraftB747-400 Malaysia Air
OriginFAJS - Johannesburg Intl - South Africa
DestinationFACT - Cape Town Intl - South Africa
Departure07:52:00 (05:53:00 ZULU)
Arrival09:53:00 (07:54:00 ZULU)
Take-Off Weight508926 lbs
Landing Weight463319 lbs
Take-Off fuel7447 lbs
Landing Fuel453 lbs
Total Fuel Used6994 lbs
Block Time02:01:14
Airborn Time01:49:35
Time On Ground00:16:03
Speed507 kts
Mach Speed0.78
Landing Speed136 kts
Landing Pitch4.08°
Touch Down V/S-177.69 fpm
Passengers Rating100%
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