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  • A Fallout 4 Mod and some arts

    A Fallout 4 Mod and some arts

    If you have Fallout 4 and the DLCs, you may have discovered the “Vault-tec Population Management System” which takes the physical form of a floor standing console.  It looks nice, but I wanted a good old desktop terminal one and not that “made from junk” one that came with the base game. So I made…

  • Kerbal Beautification Project

    Kerbal Beautification Project

    Found this gem on the web and had to share.  Modding KSP can be daunting, especially when graphical mods with half baked forum posts provide confusing and no guidance on what to do. Fear no more, just click thru and follow the directions.  Easy Peasy. With just a little coercing, this list of graphical mods…

  • MOSweb Returns

    MOSweb Returns

    Back in 1997 I started a website, my first, for Maryland Organ Service (hence the MOS part). I listed some things for sale, the services I provided, and tried to compile a database of information to help answer some of the more common questions I got asked. The result was “MOSweb Online!” and it’s knowlegebase,…