Ted Thompson


I started off in the world of Electronic Organs and Pipe Organs, gradually expanding my experience to encompass the electronic, mechanical, and artistic.

My muse has led me far and wide, from the restoration of antique and vintage musical instruments, to 3D modeling, to coding, website, and graphic design.


A day in the life… Combo Organ Resurection

For those of you who don’t know it, I make my living fixing old keyboard instruments. Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hammond B3, that sort of thing. I basically rip them apart and […]

Look what a little KaMu brought me!

A couple of posts ago I tried to help out a friend by doing a little advertising of a short sale she was running on character sketches – so now […]

Kerbal Beautification Project

Found this gem on the web and had to share.  Modding KSP can be daunting, especially when graphical mods with half baked forum posts provide confusing and no guidance on […]

Recent Posts

Star Trek: Phase II

Well, if it hasn’t been made apparent yet, I am a Star Trek fan. Haven’t worn the uniform since I was about 8 years old (Halloween) or anything, but I […]

FTG Tobblerone Challenge Videos

FTG has many contests and competitions and this year I got my courage up and decided to enter one. The “Toblerone Challenge” was created by member Martino Sulmoni and involved taking […]

Hello World!

With an arrival time of 10:49pm EST, I present my 1st Grandson, Drew.

Machines making Modern Music

While Japan produces the first TRULY synthetic pop star, I noodle on my PC and create this assault for the ears… A first attempt, the result of mucking about with Sony’s […]

EU bans old-fashioned light bulbs

It’s about damn time. Imagine what energy demands would be in the US if such a ban were put into effect! Via EU bans old-fashioned light bulbs. I actually have […]

Damn Kids, Must Be Drugs!

That title was a common refrain for me and my best friends in my high school days. Our way of poking fun at the elder establishment and their ultimately futile […]