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Area 51 / Groom Lake Scenery (3)

Where is the SUV?

37° 17′ 32.9653” N
115° 39′ 22.9992” W

Why do the fuel tanks in Area 51 disappear at night?

This one isn’t my fault, it’s Microsoft’s. They didn’t include a texture to use at night for those tanks (You’ll find it happens everywhere, KSEA and PMDY are other examples).

There is a fix for it, you can find it in the library or in the FP_Groom_Lake_Nevada directory that was created when you installed the package.

It’s called “” and inside is a texture which needs to go in the “Texture” folder in FS9 – it will overwrite the original incorrect texture, so you might want to make a backup copy of the original, just in case.

AVG Free says there is a Trojan in the Area 51 Scenery installer!!

It seems that this is an issue of AVG misidentifying ClickTeam files as being a virus.

ClickTeam makes the software that I use to make the installers for my various offerings.

If you want to check the file for sure, I suggest going to and uploading the file there – They will scan it and immediately give you a report on what they find.

FS Pax WordPress Plugin (1)

Can you help me set up my VA on my web server?

No. Setting up and FSP VA should be pursued though‘s forums.