Support FAQs

Area 51 / Groom Lake Scenery

Where is the SUV?

37° 17′ 32.9653” N
115° 39′ 22.9992” W

Why do the fuel tanks in Area 51 disappear at night?

This one isn’t my fault, it’s Microsoft’s. They didn’t include a texture to use at night for those tanks (You’ll find it happens everywhere, KSEA and PMDY are other examples).

There is a fix for it, you can find it in the library or in the FP_Groom_Lake_Nevada directory that was created when you installed the package.

It’s called “” and inside is a texture which needs to go in the “Texture” folder in FS9 – it will overwrite the original incorrect texture, so you might want to make a backup copy of the original, just in case.

AVG Free says there is a Trojan in the Area 51 Scenery installer!!

It seems that this is an issue of AVG misidentifying ClickTeam files as being a virus.

ClickTeam makes the software that I use to make the installers for my various offerings.

If you want to check the file for sure, I suggest going to and uploading the file there – They will scan it and immediately give you a report on what they find.