Concorde for FS2004


Once upon a time there was a group out there called FSFrance.

They made pretty good models, but the overall package for Concorde had issues. Not so much the FDE (Flight Model), but little things like the landing gear contact points weren’t in the correct place, ATC didn’t call her correctly, no Ref file for the knee board, and so on. So, I set about trying to fix these items and added a few goodies along the way.

Contains liveries for British Airways / Singapore two sided livery, British Airways 70’s Livery, British Airways 80’s Livery, British Airways 00’s Livery, Air France Pepsi, Air France 70’s Livery, Air France 00’s Livery, Fantasy American Airlines, Fantasy Pan Am, Fantasy Singapore Airlines (both sides Singapore Livery), and Fantasy United Airlines.


For Use With: MS Flight Sim 2004