Action Figures


Fallout US Flag

An elite special unit ready to squash the menace of the Red Chinese and all enemies of the USA, it’s


Men and women of action, ready to save the day!  Take that evil doers!
(Available where ever fine toys are sold!)

After obtaining the Mannequin mod, I decided that the white textures were too blinding so I edited them to be flesh toned again.  Then came the idea that they took up too much room and as soon as I saw them scaled down I was struck by how much they looked like the old 12″ tall G.I. Joe figures from the 1960s and this mod was born.

Positing that in the 100+ years following the timeline split SOMEONE must have thought to make such a toy, I decided to base the whole thing around an in-universe idea of Action Team action figures and here you have the results.

Maybe I’ll add a quest for this some day, but given how old FO3 is at this point, I doubt it.  For now, you can obtain the Action Team sets from a safe in the wasteland (to find out exactly WHERE, see the enclosed README)