Crab Spices, Spices Tin Reskin

For Seafood, Poultry, Salads, Meats

While the game is set in West Virginia, there are a few spots where you can set foot in Maryland.  I myself have been to Harper’s Ferry and climbed the cliffs across the river from that town in real life. 

I grew up in the “Free States” region (Maryland to be exact), and while the specifics may vary, almost everyone in the region can agree, crabs taste best STEAMED and smothered in OLD BAY.

The game has Mirelurks, and it wasn’t a stretch for me to start wondering what a big pot of those nasty bastards would taste like covered in the spice blend I know so well. To be fair, Blue Crabs can give you a run for your money if cornered, even without being enormous.

From there the idea was born to slap together a new skin for the dull grey Spices container found in game.

Old Bay was what I made at first, but since every brand in game is a knock off of a real one (Nuka Cola / Coke-a-Cola) I decided to brand it as CHESAPEAKE SEASONING – now my fellow Marylanders can have their favorite spice for those wasteland crab feasts!

* * *

  • Drop .ba2 file into the games 'Data' folder and add the following to 'My Games/Fallout 76/Fallout76Custom.ini':

sResourceArchive2List = OBSpices.ba2