Speak Up Biv!!


Boosts the volume of the dialog of everyone’s favorite inebriated bending unit RoboBrain.


  • Put SpeakUpBiv.ba2 into the Data folder of your Fallout 76 installation (eg. C:\Bethesda Game\Fallout76\Data)
  • Add or edit sResourceArchive2List
    in Documents\My Games\Fallout 76\Fallout76Custom.ini to include SpeakUpBiv.ba2
    (eg. sResourceArchive2List = SpeakUpBiv.ba2)

Important Info

NOTE:The various “SeventySix – excetera” entries in the example above are likely to change with each patch.  To fix this, simply open Fallou76.ini and search for sResourceArchive2List.  Then Copy/Paste it’s content into Fallout76Custom.ini between the = and , SpeakUpBiv.ba2

  • The preceding should no longer apply.  It appears the game (as of Patch 10) has been altered so that entries in Fallout76Custom.ini are now appended to the entries in the main game files rather then outright replacing them as it did before.
  • Following Wastelanders release I had to revisit this mod and update the files.  It seems Bethesda may have addressed the volume issues.  My mod still ups the volume, but the difference seems to not be as great as it once was.  My mod is still the same volume, so I conclude the game files must have been boosted a bit.



Bethesda has not forbidden mods, only mentioned that use of any mods, add-ons, or other third-party
programs may result in Fallout 76 not functioning properly.Read about it here!