Area 51 / Groom Lake Scenery


FSX has Area 51, so why not FS9? Well, MS didn’t include it in the last version of Flight Simulator, so I decided to take the latest available info and make it myself.

It contains not only the scenery, but also optional AFCAD files for KLAS and other nearby airports.  With these, and the included BGL for AI flights, you’ll get Janet 737’s flying to and from Dreamland as well as F-22’s patrolling the area.

Janet reskin of the default 737, approaches to KXTA and Intersections are also included.  So the AI flights will look right, and you’ll get proper directions from your GPS and Air Traffic Control!

There’s even a VCPMOD file for EditVoicepack to make the ATC call KXTA “Dreamland” instead of “Kilo X-ray Tango Alpha”.


For Use With: MS Flight Sim 2004