Area 51 / Groom Lake Scenery


FSX has Area 51, so why not FS9? Well, MS didn’t include it in the last version of Flight Simulator, so I decided to take the latest available info and make it myself.

It contains not only the scenery, but also optional AFCAD files for KLAS and other nearby airports.  With these, and the included BGL for AI flights, you’ll get Janet 737’s flying to and from Dreamland as well as F-22’s patrolling the area.

Janet reskin of the default 737, approaches to KXTA and Intersections are also included.  So the AI flights will look right, and you’ll get proper directions from your GPS and Air Traffic Control!

There’s even a VCPMOD file for EditVoicepack to make the ATC call KXTA “Dreamland” instead of “Kilo X-ray Tango Alpha”.


For Use With: MS Flight Sim 2004


Download “Area 51/Groom Lake Addon” – Downloaded 4722 times – 5 MB


    • Major Robert J. Stewart, Jr. on March 2, 2008 at 11:06 am



    Just downloaded and will soon install your Area 51, etal. I’ve been a FSimmer forever (since the first PC edition). I’ve been a model rail and rail fan for about 55 of my 60 years.

    I’ll get onto the installation and compare to other Area 51s I have.

    Just a quick HI and Thanx!!!


    • Norberto Valladares on August 15, 2008 at 4:49 pm


    Greetings. Thank You so much for creating this scenery.

    • gary scott on February 1, 2009 at 4:59 pm


    Fantastic rendition mate, well done!
    I have been to tikaboo peak on a few “recce” missions and this is the perfect way to peak over the hill at the base that does not exist! THANK YOU!!

    • Mike Gabriel on March 18, 2009 at 5:21 am


    Greetings, Ted:

    Thanks for the Concorde redux, but especially for the Groom Lake/Area 51 scenery (which incidentally is better than the payware scenery currently available). I used to live near Mono Lake and the Benton area, which was basically a hop-skip-jump from Area 51 as the crow flies, or should I say, Aurora!
    My best friend Dave, who is honest to a fault, and who lived for many years near Benton, told me about the time IT flew over (1986). He said it sounded more like a steam locomotive than an airplane, and was deafeningly loud as it flew really low over his (remote) house! He was an avid plane spotter (we had both already seen F-117s flitting moth-like, at extreme low level, around the hills surrounding the Lake, and the YF-22 also), and he knew the difference. This was no Nighthawk, or Have Blue: it was, he plainly told me, narrow, like a stretched arrowhead, “like a paper airplane”, and black in color. We also saw a lot of ‘doughnuts-on-a-rope’ (high-altitude) contrails at that time.
    We also saw a brilliant ruby-red UFO (1988) from Dave’s car at about Midnight, in mid-summer (at the junction of Hwy 395 and the Benton road). We actually drove after it, like a couple of idiots. The UFO seemed to know we were following, and moved slowly, just ahead of us, matching our speed for at least 15 minutes (it was at approx. 2000 ft. altitude). Then it stopped, and so did we, getting out of the car for a better look. What an excellent sight–after hanging motionless for about five minutes, it suddenly picked up speed again, moving in a vector directly away from us, and within a few seconds it was gone, headed east, “towards Area 51″, said Dave. “All RIGHT!!”, said I.

    • Chris on December 16, 2012 at 4:40 pm


    Would you post the coordinates for the SUV on Freedom Ridge? I’ve spend several hours criscrossing the place trying to find it.

    1. Reply

      The coordinates are in the FAQ, see the link at the bottom of the page.

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