Maryland and Pennsylvania Terminal Railroad



A route which depicts the first 5 miles of the “Ma and Pa” once located in the Jones Falls Valley of Baltimore, Maryland.  The route also includes the Mt. Vernon Yards of the Northern Central Railroad, Pennsylvania (Union) Station & the section of the Pennsylvania Railroad (now the Northeast Corridor) between the Union and B&P tunnels.


For Use With: Trainz Simulator 2012 & Trainz Simulator SP1



Download “Maryland and Pennsylvania Terminal Railroad TS12-Pre SP1” Maryland-And-Pennsylvania-Terminal-Railroad-PRE-SP1.cdp – Downloaded 553 times – 900 KB

Download “Maryland and Pennsylvania Terminal Railroad TS12-Post SP1” Maryland-And-Pennsylvania-Terminal-Railroad-POST-SP1.cdp – Downloaded 557 times – 806 KB


Download “MA and PA Sandbox Session TS12-Pre SP1” Ma-and-Pa-Sandbox-PRE-SP1.cdp – Downloaded 528 times –

Download “MA and PA Sandbox Session TS12-Post SP1” Ma-and-Pa-Sandbox-POST-SP1.cdp – Downloaded 530 times –




    • Roy Burnell on June 5, 2013 at 7:28 am


    A real nice layout, but I’m from Australia and the stations have not been named. It means I would have to name them myself possibly with invisible stations before I could run a train on it. It would also be good if you placed a few of the typical passenger trains of that era on a couple of sidings. By doing that, people from other countries would be able to clearly identify your thoughts, when you designed your layout. Otherwise I loved the work you’ve put into it. Cheers.

    1. Reply

      I’m glad you brought this up. I totally forgot to provide a link to the SESSION that goes with this… As far as station names go, they should be named – Baltimore, Evergreen, Notre Dame, and Homeland.

    • Roy Burnell on June 6, 2013 at 10:27 pm


    Hi, I’ve just discovered each of the 4 stations you mention. Kinda cute but with a lot of character.
    However in placing a passenger train on that particular line at the Homeland end, in Driver mode it immediately ‘de-rails’ and within 60 seconds the consist disappears. In trying various consists the same thing happened. I have solved that by re-laying the track with an Auran Jarrah and it now works fine.
    I also increased the turning circle in each of the Tram Depots and now a Tram can be run continuously. I’ve yet to install a tram stop at each end of the bridge to complete it.
    I did have a look at Google Earth of Penn Station and the surrounding areas. You’ve captured it well. Cheers.

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